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Yugotalia-Original Characters.

(Yugoslavia in Hetalia)


Axis powers Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya I claim only the design of these characters.


You may use the characters of Yugotalia any way you like, as long as you credit me

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Slovenia Profile: Slovenia

Nation's name: Republika Slovenija(Republic of Slovenia)
Capital: Ljubljana
Language: Slovene
Birthday: June 25th(Independence from Yugoslavia)
National flower: Carnation and Linden

Human name: Janez Margon
Height: 166cm
Age: 20


A nation-tan who never really got to be glorious, unfortunately. It suffered both Germanic and Italian influence.

But despite being under control most of the time, he always had time for relaxation, music and fun. Even the name of his anthem tells about that.

He is sweet, a bit shy, introverted and very well-mannered. He dislikes it very much when someone's being a pig around him. But the fact is he likes to drink, especially with Serbia. Despite his fine behavior though, he likes money a lot, and does tend to do business deals with whomever as long as it has cash written on it. He also makes a good "Sweet guy" type of lover, thanks to his language.

His hobbies include mountain hiking, skiing, playing the acoustic guitar and being a great tourist guide.

He's kinda very grumpy towards Italy and Croatia. He gets so pissed off by Croatia that he throws stuff at him even when he's simply walking near his backyard. And he always took the chances to chase after Italy during the WWs. 

In the group he is: The drunkard.

Serbia Profile: Serbia

Nation's name: Република Србија, Republika Srbija(Republic of Serbia)
Capital: Belgrade
Language: Serbian
Birthday: February 15th(Serbian Revolution, National day)
National flower: Plum, Syringe

Human name: Вук Мишић/Vuk Mišić[Read the syllables like the Japanese would.]
Height: 178cm
Age: 25(Appearance)


A great patriot, with a proud medieval and royal history, but a desperate idiot in modern times.


He doesn’t get along well with his neighbors(mostly Croatia, Bosnia, and Albania), due to the fact that he either claims he’s way better and once ruled them(He’s head is stuck in his past) or has territorial issues. He also hates America a great deal. He finds everybody is guilty except for him. As I said, an idiot.

His personality is cheery, and fun, and even in the roughest times he knows it’s hard to get out of, he keeps a sad smile on and sings his sorrows out. Also very proud of his tradition and brave, but also stubborn, hotheaded, and a bit arrogant and violent.

His hobbies include football and nightlife, and that’s what his life consists of. He won’t admit he sucks at football though. He also won’t stop saying “Kosovo is Serbia” because he is too emotionally attached to the little fellow, but many nations misunderstand that as either pedo feelings or retardation. (Especially America)

It’s true he was once a glorious man, whom many looked up to and loved, with a gentleman attitude and the nicest words, but because of constant pressure put on him and various accusations that came on later, he felt treated like a wild animal; And they say if you’re treated like an animal, you become one.

Croatia Profile: Croatia

Nation's name: Republic of Croatia
Capital: Zagreb
Official language: Croatian
Date of Birth: 26th June(Independence from Yugoslavia)
National flower: Iris Croatica

Human name: Dražen Krleža [Try to read syllables like the Japanese would.]
Height: 175cm
Age: 23 (Appearance)


Please keep in mind that he's the best when you're talking to him.

A very proud nation-tan. He's also very hotheaded, just like Serbia, but won't admit it. Don't you dare mix him up with Serbia or you might end up being forbidden from entering his house ever again. 

Because of his uneasy and unforgiving nature, he doesn't have a lot of friends. His best friends are Germany and Italy. But even Germany is a bit afraid of Croatia's anger button. His arch-rival is Serbia and Croatia will do anything to keep him away from his house and friends. He was actually pretty good friends with Slovenia, until they started having fights over their backyards. Croatia calls Slovenia a whiny bitch, since he is quite a crybaby to the EU when it comes to this, while Slovenia calls Croatia a selfish bastard since he simply won't let go.

Croatia has one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe. 

He is actually quite polite, hospitable, caring and fun to be with,behind his egoistic facade. 

His hobbies include football, proving he's better than Serbia will ever be, making fun of his neighbors, boasting, fashion events and playing the guitar on his beach.

In the group he is: The one nobody talks about.

Bosnia & Herzegovina Profile: Bosnia & Herzegovina

Nation's name: Bosna i Hercegovina(Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Capital: Sarajevo
Language: Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian
Birthday: November 25th
National flower: Lilium

Human name: Enis Metikoš
Height: 174cm
Age: 21


A nation-tan who always went through hard ordeal. 

His personality is wacky at times, since he loves to sing and dance even in inconvenient situations, despite his blank face. Too naive, and therefore being made fun of. But the truth is....he is kinda slow and easily lead.. 

Loves to eat chevapi.His hobbies are watching sports, eating, fishing and swearing. He looks upon Turkey as his big brother and he likes going to Slovenia's house. He doesn't get along at all with his wife Herzegovina since the Yu-house split up, but he stayed in good relations with her cousin Croatia.

It's almost as though he's some sort of a sloppy slacker uncle in the family. Surprisingly enough, he's a great kisser.

In the 'group' he is: The slow one.

Montenegro Profile: Montenegro

Nation's name: Crna Gora/Montenegro
Capital: Podgorica
Official language: Montenegrin
Date of Birth: 13th July(Statehood day)
National flower: /

Human name: Šćepan Petrović [Try to read syllables like the Japanese would.]
Height: 179cm
Age: 19 (Appearance)


The laziest of all nation-tans in the world. God forbid someone make him work. Not only will he be insulted but his request will also be utterly ignored. 

He declared war to Japan in order to help Russia during his wars. But only when he heard Japan’s on the other side of the globe. Nowadays he doesn’t even know who the hell he is.

His laziness ought not to be mistakened with easygoing-ness. Surprisingly, he is very determined when it comes to helping his comrades, namely Serbia, who he was very close to until after their divorce. Also very traditional(And not in a good kind of way..), and has no manners whatsoever. It’s almost like he still sees the world in a tribal way.

He wanted to marry Serbia really badly through times, but when it was finally the two of them, they got tired of each other soon enough. Also gets along pretty well with Russia, who’s been visiting his beach very often lately. 

His hobbies consist of sleeping, snoring and spurting out nasty comments.

In the group he is: The lazyass.

Macedonia Profile: Macedonia

Nation name: Official: Macedonia; Republic of Macedonia
Capital: Skopje
Language: Macedonian
Date of Birth: 08th September
National Flower: Poppy

Human name: Tatjana Janeska (Татјана Јанеска) [Read like:Taht-yah-na Yanehska]
Height: 167cm
Age: 18


A small nation-tan in the Balkans. She is somehow always caught in a love triangle with Serbia and Bulgaria.

She is a very lively girl, with a bright personality and a positive outlook on life. She likes the color of red, and her favorite flower is the poppy. When there are difficult times, she continues being cheerful, dancing her troubles away(She really does likes to dance.)

Her hobbies include dancing, picking flowers and (perhaps even unintentionally) annoying Greece.

She was in a lovey-dovey relationship with Serbia for a long time and has been Bulgaria’s crush forever. As for Greece, he hates her almost as much as Turkey. Basically because of her very existence. 

In the group she is: The poor one/The gipsy/The girl.