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Yugotalia is a fan pun of the anime Hetalia, because it's consisted of the nation-tans of (ex-)Yugoslavia: Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro and Bosnia.
Hetalia belongs to HIDEKAZ HIMARUYA and I claim NO ownership of it. However, Yugotalia does belong to me, Tix 

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17 Nov 2010
• Two shimejis up for download!

Don't know what a shimeji is?

Let's just say a chibi infestation of your desktop. If you're up for it, download Serbia shimeji and The Falkland Islands Shimeji, by clicking on the links. They were done by Mya(Her dA is closed, it was MyaRukawa, and her fb is Benjamin Kirkland) 

Have fun!

Posted on 17 Nov 2010 by Tix
17 Nov 2010
• A little break


Vojvodina must be the most overrated character of Yugo Hetalia(lol got so annoyed calling it Yugotalia) in my head, but I still think she's so damn cute and I love to draw her. (Again, she's not mine, she's jekicat7's from dA) Took a small break from Himaruya's style(well, sorta..) See the adorable Freulein, the daughter(sister?) of Serbia in the gallery. (damn server won't let me upload the thumbnail in the journal)

I guess this being a journal is a place i can write crap. So tired.   Every few hours I have to clean up after my cat, give it food, pet it and play with it. Furthermore, I have to go to the city library to study for a couple hours, have to go to classes, have to be with friends(imaginary  ), and then have to go to German class. Yes, as you see I have loads of free time.  

Harry Potter 7 is coming out here tomorrow. For all my Slavic followers, that are Harry Potter fans. GASP! Can't wait, can't you?   

Posted on 17 Nov 2010 by Tix
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